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Brisan Motorcycles is your local Can-Am Spyder + Ryker dealer. Visit Newcastle's largest motorcycle showroom and see the line up of Can-am Spyders, the brand new learner-approved Can-Am Ryker 600 and Ryker 900 + Rally. 

With its Y-frame design and seven automotive technologies like ABS, traction control, and stability control, Can-Am Spyder roadsters grip the road tightly, so you can enjoy a confident ride, full of exhilaration.

Whether you’re headed across town or across the country, no matter what your riding style is, from sport to touring to somewhere in between, there’s a Can-Am Spyder or Ryker for you. Call 02 4940 8777 to book a test ride!

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Ryker 600 2020
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Ryker 900 2020
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Ryker Rally 2020
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Spyder F3-S 2020
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Spyder F3-T 2020
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Spyder F3 Limited 2020
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Spyder RT 2020
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Spyder RT Limited 2020
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